Imminent extradition to Sweden averted

The case is an example of how false suspicions and intrigues can even lead to arrests abroad.

In Sweden, a disappointed lover of advanced age had denounced his young girlfriend for alleged child abduction because she had turned away from him and had travelled with their son. The Swedish prosecution authorities had issued a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) based on his complaint, which led to the arrest of the persecuted at Frankfurt Airport.

After being arrested at the airport, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court (OLG) ordered the extradition detention order against the persecuted on the basis of the EAW from Sweden. The child had meanwhile reached the grandparents in good health, there was no abduction at all, because the child lived mostly with the grandparents anyway. Within three weeks, it was then possible to clarify the situation in Sweden to the extent that the Swedish prosecution authorities have withdrawn the EAW and extradition request. On 24 August 2017, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt decided to revoke the extradition warrant for our client.

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