successful constitutional complaint

German extradition lawyer Dr. Martin Rademacher with successful constitution complaint. German Federal Constitutional Court's Order of 15. January 2016 - Successful Constitutional Complaint against the extradition of a German citizen to Belgium based on EAW

In Duesseldorf, Germany on15.01.2016, criminal defence lawyer Dr. Rademacher averted extradition of a German citizen to Belgium due to a European arrest warrant. Dr. Rademacher`s constitutional complaint was successful. By the decree of 15 January 2016 (2 BvR 1860/15) the Federal Constitutional Court finally annulled the prior decision of the Higher Regional Court in Duesseldorf, which had previously in its first decision declared the extradition of a German national to Belgium as admissible based on the European arrest warrant. Further details can be found on the website of the Federal Constitutional Court (2 BvR 1860/15).




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