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22. 02. 2019 - The basis of the extradition proceedings was a European arrest warrant issued by the District Court in Koszalin / Poland. The persecuted person was wanted throughout Europe because he was  sentenced to one year and two months' imprisonment in Poland.

The persecuted person has now been living in Germany for years and has built up a solid existence for himself and his family here. On our advice, he proved this to the General Prosecutor's Office at the end of 2017, even before there was even talk of an arrest warrant from Poland.

When the arrest warrant was received by the General Prosecutor's Office in Cologne in November 2018, the General Prosecutor's Office initially wanted to send the persecuted person to Poland for social rehabilitation anyway, because from the point of view of the Public Prosecutor's Office there was initially no overriding interest worthy of protection in the execution of a sentence in Germany, which would override the interest of the Polish authorities in his transfer to execution of the sentence.

It was only after massive opposition that the Public Prosecutor's Office finally decided to assert an obstacle to the granting of a permit in accordance with § 83 IRG, since according to the law, the granting of the extradition of a foreigner who has his habitual residence in Germany can be refused if 1. the foreigner's residence in Poland is not in the country in which he resides. in the case of extradition for the purpose of criminal prosecution, the extradition of a German would not be permissible pursuant to § 80 I, II and 2. in the case of extradition for the purpose of executing a sentence, he does not consent to this after having been informed of the judicial record and his legitimate interest in executing the sentence in Germany outweighs.

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