Dr. Martin Rademacher & Lars Horst, LL.M. 
are acknowledged as highly experienced extradition lawyers in Germany, paying great attention to detail and displaying a thorough understanding of their subject.

Specialized in extradition law

Because of our specialization in extradition, International and European Arrest Warrants, we are always up-to-date with the latest case law of the German Higher Regional Courts, the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights and can track any promising aspect. And equally important for a successful defense against extradition are our years of experience and the network of contacts to lawyers in other countries.

European arrest warrant

Experience can not be invented. - The successes of the last years - also with constitutional complaints against extradition - have confirmed our specialization and concentrated work.

The spectrum of our mandates includes "exotic" countries as well as the neighboring countries in Europe, from which traditionally most extradition requests come to Germany as European arrest warrants.

The Year in Review

We work hard to be successful on your behalf ...

Extradition rejected despite European arrest warrant from UK

UK / German extradition lawyer wins in Hamm / Germany

European arrest warrant – but no extradition from Germany to UK

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successful constitutional complaint

Belgium / German Federal Constitutional Court

Dr. Rademacher`s constitutional complaint was successful. 

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Court rejects extradition request from Thailand

Thailand / Extradition lawyer wins in Cologne

no extradition to Thailand on the basis of an international arrest warrant 

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European Arrest Warrant, but German lawyer avoids extradition from England

England / Court in Cologne quashes arrest warrant

European Arrest Warrant, but no extradition from England, extradition advocate avoids arrest

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extradition averted - Turkish authorities could not answer the Court's questions

no extradition to Turkey

Court in Cologne cancels arrest warrant

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Extradition lawyer with constitutional complaint

Poland II / Successful at highest German Court

despite European Arrest Warrant from Poland, no extradition 

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despite European Arrest Warrant: Successful application for interim relief against the extradition of a German to Belgium based on EAW

Belgium / German Federal Constitutional Court's Order

extradition lawyer wins at Constitutional Court, which issued a preliminary injunction

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extradition lawyer wins at Higher Regional Court Oldenburg / Germany, absence judgment from Italy, extradition was averted

Italian absence judgment - extradition averted

extradition lawyer wins at Higher Regional Court Oldenburg / Germany

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release from prison after extradition from the Netherlands based on EAW

Netherlands / cancellation of a German arrest-warrant

extradition lawyer - arrest warrant lifted

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Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf lifted arrest warrant

Belgium / Success after interim injunction

after interim injunction at the Federal Constitutional Court: Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf lifted arrest warrant

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“All you know about luck for certain is that it`s bound to change.” (Bret Harte 1836-1902)

Turkey / Cancellation of extradition request

Interpol in Ankara, the Turkish authorities withdrew its extradition request 

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extradition to Romania averted

Romania / No extradition based on EAW

public prosecutor in Frankfurt closed the proceedings concerning our client despite the European arrest warrant

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extradition to Italy averted

Italy / No extradition

Finally we were able avert the extradition of our client to Italy.

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last minute: imminent extradition to Poland averted

Poland I / extradition lawyer wins at Highest German Court

the Federal Constitutional Court granted our application for a provisional injunction

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