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29. August 2018

Turkey - No extradition for a political offence

Political acts as defined in § 6.1 IRG are those which are subject to state protection criminal law.

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27. August 2018

questionable extradition to Romania

In my opinion, the chosen scope of the examination is much too narrow. 

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7. August 2018

Review of detention conditions in the requesting State

Munich Higher Regional Court emphasised the Court`s obligation in extradition proceedings  to review the conditions of detention in the requesting state, even if the persecuted person has agreed to a simplified extradition procedure.


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10. Juli 2018

extradition of a German national to Malta

decision of the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office proves to be flawed in the important points - Berlin Higher Regional Court toughens requirements

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17. Mai 2018

Residence abroad does not mean "risk of absconding".

risk of absconding if it is more likely that the defendant will evade proceedings and trial than that he will be available for them

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