extradition to Madagascar

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Extradition to Madagascar is also possible without an extradition treaty. There is no general extradition agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and Madagascar,

No extradition treaty with Madagascar

.... but extradition requests for extradition to Madagascar can still be transmitted through diplomatic channels. However, requests for provisional extradition detention can be made via Interpol, i.e. the Interpol search in Germany initiated by Madagascar may be sufficient to order provisional extradition detention. Madagascar is a member of Interpol.

There are reports from Madagascar of Spartan detention conditions and precarious overcrowding in prisons. In the prison in Tulear, for example, about 400 men are housed in six large cells without furniture or mats. The prisoners spend a large part of their day in the prison yard, where it is often extremely hot. An even bigger problem is food. Without the support of relatives, it is difficult to survive in long-term detention. Many prisoners have also contracted tuberculosis, an endemic disease in this area.

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