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Extradition to Luxembourg is possible on the basis of the European arrest warrant (EAW). Extradition to Luxembourg is also possible in respect of German citizens, but only for criminal prosecution, not for the execution of sentences, as is the case in the entire area covered by the European arrest warrant. A German citizen convicted by a criminal court in Luxembourg may be returned to Germany for execution upon application.

European arrest warrant from Luxembourg

The European arrest warrant must be served by the Luxembourg law enforcement authorities. Prior to that, the international search in Germany already permits the arrest of a persecuted person and the order of provisional arrest for extradition, unless extradition to Luxembourg appears inadmissible from the outset in the specific case.

Luxembourg knows decisions rendered in absentia. As far as I know, the convicted person may choose between two appeals against a judgement rendered in absentia in Luxembourg. There are different appeal deadlines of 15 days or 40 days from the date of notification of the judgment to the convicted person. With regard to the time limits, a Luxembourg lawyer must be consulted, as the rules are subject to change and no binding time limit can be calculated without knowledge of the file.

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