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Extradition to Latvia under the European arrest warrant (EAW) is possible following the implementation in Latvia of Council Framework Decision 2002/584/JHA of 13 June 2002 on the European arrest warrant (EAW) and surrender procedures between Member States.

It is also possible to extradite German nationals to Latvia for prosecution, as is the case everywhere in the area covered by the European arrest warrant.

European arrest warrant from Lativia

The European arrest warrant will be exchanged between the German judiciary and the Latvian Prosecutor General's Office. Previously, in the case of a Latvian extradition request, it is already possible to order provisional extradition detention in Germany if extradition to Latvia does not appear inadmissible from the outset in a specific case.

German Higher Regional Court OLG Bremen ( 1 Ausl. A 14/15) on the inadmissibility of extradition to Latvia for the purpose of execution of sentence.

German Higher Regional Court Berlin ( - (4) 151 AuslA 198/15 (54/16) on extradition to Latvia, in particular on life imprisonment: "Latvia's right of clemency allows a review of the execution of life imprisonment sufficient under Section 83 (1) No. 4 IRG".

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