Auslieferung an Katar (Qatar)

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Extradition from Germany to Qatar is possible, although there is no extradition agreement between Germany and Qatar, but both can agree on extradition in specific individual cases.

Extradition requests would have to be transmitted by Qatar through diplomatic channels. Qatar is a member of Interpol using Interpol's worldwide search system. Requests for an order for provisional extradition custody can therefore be made via Interpol and it must be assumed that, in connection with the extradition to Qatar, the search at Interpol will suffice to order provisional extradition custody in Germany.

German extradition lawyer on extradition to Qatar

I believe that, in the event of an extradition request from Qatar, considerable objections to extradition can and must be raised.

In Germany there have not been many extradition requests from Qatar so far. In our first case, the Higher Regional Court of Cologne overturned the extradition warrant in August 2019 after we intervened and Qatar was unable to keep up with the pace of the statutory extradition procedure.

Regardless of this: Cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments have come to light from Qatar. For example, several foreigners (> 80% in Qatar are foreigners) have been punished with lashes because they are said to have consumed alcohol in public. In Qatar, there is death penalty for espionage and threats to national security and withdrawal from religion is considered a capital crime. Foreigners have been sentenced to up to seven years in prison for blasphemy. Homosexuality is threatened with imprisonment of up to 5 years.

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