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Extradition from Germany to China is out of the question at the moment, there is no extradition traffic with China. The same applies to Macao. Neither Germans nor foreigners are extradited from Germany to China. However, I would ask you to check this information for the current time, as conditions may change.

In connection with the extradition to China, it should be noted that there were extraditions from Germany to Hong Kong (see extradition to Hong Kong below).

I have already seen cases in which there was an - unproven - presumption that the People's Republic of China officially ordered extradition to Hong Kong in order to get hold of the persecuted person. Such assumptions have been fed by the case of multi-billionaire Xiao Jianhua.

The report by regime-critical poet Liao Yiwu, having spent four years in Chinese prisons, published in the FAZ, also provides an insight into the prison conditions in China.

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