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An extradition from Germany to Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand) is basically possible. Extradition requests from Thailand have recently also become known in the Federal Republic of Germany, while the extradition statistics do not yet show any extradition requests from Thailand before 2015. Thailand is a member of Interpol.

one request for extradition to Thailand

So far, we have processed a case concerning a request for extradition to Thailand, which was then declared inadmissible by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne in 2016. In these proceedings, the Thai criminal prosecution authorities were unable to provide the explanations we had requested about the criminal proceedings to be expected there and about the detention situation and medical care there in prison.

Requests for extradition will be transmitted through diplomatic business channels. If, in a specific case, extradition to Thailand actually seems possible, provisional arrest for extradition may be ordered in Germany.

Amnesty International reports (2015/16) on a draft law in Thailand against torture and ill-treatment that no progress is being made in parliament. Thailand has one of the highest rates of prisoners / 100,000 inhabitants, again the highest rate of drug offences. The prison conditions are catastrophic, you can get a first impression at www.thaiprisonlife.com .


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