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19. Oktober 2018

Extradition inadmissible ? - supporters of the "Guelen Movement"

supporters of the "Gülen Movement" don`t expect a fair trial in the event of extradition (Art. 6 MRK)

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10. Oktober 2018

extradited on the basis of a decision rendered in absentia

in principle pursuant to § 83  IRG, extradition to EU Member States  for the purpose of executing a sentence is inadmissible if the person being prosecuted did not appear at the trial 

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27. September 2018

Diplomats - no immunity on vacation

extradition lawyer on the extradition of an Iranian diplomat to Belgium

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21. September 2018

detained in Hungary - Bremen Higher Regional Court wants to know from the European Court of Justice

Finally the Higher Regional Court of Bremen decided that it had received sufficient information from Hungary  to exclude the risk of inhuman or degrading treatment 

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20. September 2018

Executability of foreign criminal verdicts in Germany

Certified specialist for criminal law Dr. Martin Rademacher on the executability of foreign criminal verdicts in Germany

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