Berlin Higher Regional Court (KG) on the decision rendered in absentia in Poland

10. October 2018


Can anyone be extradited in the requesting State on the basis of a decision rendered there in absentia? - Pursuant to § 83 (1) no. 3 IRG, extradition to Member States of the European Union for the purpose of executing a sentence is inadmissible if the person being prosecuted did not appear in person at the trial on which the foreign judgment is based; that is the principle.

However, there are exceptional cases pursuant to § 83 (2) to (4) IRG according to which, under certain conditions, extradition for the enforcement of the sentence from a decision rendered in absentia is permissible.

In any event, a conviction in absentia may constitute an obstacle to extradition (§ 83 (1) no. 3 IRG) if the convicted person has not been served with the invitation to the trial and the judgment rendered against him. Service of a judgment in Poland by way of the so-called fiction of service pursuant to Article 139 § 1 polnStPO does not fulfil the conditions of § 83 para. 3 IRG (KG Berlin Higher Regional Court, decision of 10.10.2018 - (4) 151 AuslA 162/18 (176/18) and OLG Bremen Higher Regional Court, decision of 07. September 2018 - 1 Ausl A 37/18) and makes extradition inadmissible from the outset.


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