Germany will not extradite German citizens to Great Britain after Brexit

17. February 2019

The "FINANCIAL TIMES" reports in its online edition of February 17th, that Germany will no longer extradite German citizens to Great Britain immediately after leaving the EU, regardless of whether the Brext takes place with or without a "deal". The "FINANCIAL TIMES" says, that Germany has informed the European Commission last week.

This information doesn’t come as a surprise, because according to the German Basic Law there is no other way. Article 16 II GG (German Basic Law) states that no German may be extradited to a foreign country and that only by law can a deviating regulation be made for extradition to a member state of the European Union or to an international court of justice. Even in a "transition period" after the Brexit, extradition of German citizens to Great Britain is no longer an option.


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