re-socialization easier to reach in the home country.

13. January 2017

Cologne - 18.01.2017 - The Higher Regional Court in Cologne (decision of 18.01.2017 - 6 AuslE 7/17) reaffirmed the right to execution of sentence in the EU-home-country and a different order by the senior prosecutor was lifted.

In the case decided by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, the verdict was based on the allegation of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs. Since the  acts were offenses with "soft" drugs, the chief prosecutor was concerned, that the sentence could be significantly reduced in the Netherlands and that it could even be suspended.

The Higher Regional Court of Cologne (Res. Of 18.01.2017 - 6 AuslE 7/17), emphasized that the re-socialization goal would be easier to reach in the home country.

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