supporters of the "Gülen Movement" in Turkey.

19. October 2018

Extradition is inadmissible if the persecuted person cannot expect a fair trial in the event of his extradition (Art. 6 MRK). The Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court intends to clarify the situation with supporters of the "Gülen Movement" in Turkey.

In a detention order of 19.10.2018 (Ausl 301 AR 134/18), however, the Higher Regional Court stated that the person being prosecuted is not accused of a political crime because of membership in the "Gülen Movement", but that following the extradition request he is accused of a completely independent accusation of an intentional criminal act (OLG Karlsruhe, decision of 19 October 2018 - Ausl 301 AR 134/18).


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